Early Intervention is proven to be the most effective method for reaching children with delays.  

"High quality early intervention services can change a child's developmental trajectory and improve outcomes for children, families and communities (NECTAC, 2011)."  

What is First Steps?

First Steps is the Early Intervention program of the State of Indiana.    Services include Occupational, Physical, Developmental, and Speech Therapy.  Nutrition, nursing, psychology and social work may also be available.    



First Steps services are provided from birth to their 3rd birthday.  The program is designed to meet the needs of infants and toddlers with, or at risk for, developmental delays, regardless of income.




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Anyone can make a referral!  Interested in learning more?  Contact the Fort Wayne First Steps office at:

260-444-2994 (Adams, Allen, Grant, Huntington, Wells)

574-293-2813 (DeKalb, Elkhart, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Whitley)

Learning activities provided by our therapists will be fun and play-based, while focused toward the goals that you have set for your child to achieve.  We will support and coach you, as parents/caregivers, to create teachable moments in daily activities. It is amazing how much you can teach a child at mealtime, at the grocery store, preparing for bed, etc.  

Services take place in the child's natural environment, including the child's home, daycare, or local parks to name a few.  Embedding strategies into a child's daily routine helps the caregivers more easily implement them.